Credit Card Size 11-in-1

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Product Description


Product description: 

Multi-purpose knife camping life-saving card, slim compact and convenient! Knives, open cans, chisel, wrench, saw from the nail should be a whole. Camping survival knife multi card exquisite workmanship, made of 420 stainless steel, portable, practical and reliable, specially designed, high-grade durable, practical, and all functions are hidden in a small card. 


#1 Can opener: The following hook edge port used in conjunction with the above, you can easily open tin cans. 
#2 Wrench: the hollow groove strip, you can squeeze any flat type Bohou different items with a turnbuckle. 
#3 Saw tooth: double staggered saw tooth, increase efforts to improve efficiency. To cut wood branches or to remove fish scale.
#4 keyholes, this card can be hung on a key ring. 
#5 positioning wrench: two different types of hexagonal wrench, than smaller models function 7. 
#6 Directional: can use accurate determination of the scale of sixteen equal portions in different directions.
#7 Positioning wrench: four different types of hexagonal wrench, suitable for everyday use bolts and nuts size.
#8 Ruler: The metric scale, minimum scale to mm. 
#9 bottle opener: suitable for beer, beverage bottle cap open.
#10 screwdriver: Located in a corner of the card (this location takes advantage of mechanics for added strength and more effort), after cutting into a scientific point screwdriver, screws can be elastic commonly used models.
#11 Side knife: sharp blade can cut the rope, washed and cut fruits is not a problem.